Lanzarote Elections  2019.

“One vote can change the future” No matter how incidental you feel your vote is remember that, that one crucial vote could be the difference between conquering or being left out in the cold. We believe so we lobby, and we vote, and we conquer, you should too; it’s your future so use your right and vote for what you want and what you are entitled to.

You will be aware in May the local elections will be held and as foreigners we have the right to vote and to have a say in our future and in that of the generations to come. The Lanzarote Business and Residents Association is an established lobbying group whose strength is in its numbers. It is a non-profit association that works for, and represents, residents, businesses and property owners in Lanzarote. We are non-political and are not affiliated with any party or other association and on behalf of our members we have drafted our proposals in readiness for the forthcoming elections. These proposals will be presented to all the Town Halls and interested parties.

If you care about your fundamental rights and your future then you should listen to what your local political parties and councillors are proposing and take action and vote.  REMEMBER “One vote can change the future”

2019  Election Proposals

# An official department dedicated for assistance with commercial investment

# A Technology and Innovation Hub

# Being proactive and pioneering in clean energy and the creation of wind farms and solar panel farms on the island.

# A rapid reaction team for highway maintenance, pavements, lighting and road repairs etc, working via a WhatsApp system so that it can be quick and efficient.

#The town halls must be bilingual places where all of its citizens are represented at any point in time and in every department.

# A protection plan for women within our council that is accessible 24 hours a day and in a minimum of four languages.

# A department for the creation of employment and training

# A plan for security and specified action to deal with the increase in theft, drugs and alcohol consumption within the younger generation.

# Increased tourism promotion and plans for growth and regeneration in business that creates more employment with a clear and direct aim

# Affordable housing / A combination between private and government housing

# A care system for the elderly that is accessible quickly and easily for all of the islands older population

# More attractions, amenities and events that are better publicised for tourists and residents within the individual municipalities

# All year round beach activities for all age groups

# Improved transport links that will allow housing developments in other areas of the island to be more accessible and affordable and as the population increases will provide faster links for schooling, work etc

# A key action plan for young people creating a pathway from education to employment providing them with functional skills and languages with the ability to integrate into the workforce and services within the tourism industry

# Increased support for organizations that are providing sport, social and cultural activities based on individual projects that the individual organisations can provide and help combat the alcohol, drug and tobacco consumption problems.