Lanzarote exceeds one million foreign tourists in May, 60% from the United Kingdom


The island of Lanzarote has exceeded the figure of one million tourists in May, more specifically 1,097,214 visitors. According to the Canary Institute of Statistics, 60% of all tourists who visit Lanzarote come from the United Kingdom, that is, six out of ten foreign visitors who choose the island to spend their holidays are from this country.

In the statistics prepared by the Cabildo Data Center, it is highlighted that a total of 605,666 Britons have arrived in Lanzarote in the first five months of the year, followed by the Irish with 125,923, the Germans with 119,540 and the French with 83,231.

They are followed to a lesser extent by Italians with 40,583, tourists from the Netherlands with 39,105 and Belgians with 19,336. Foreign tourists who visited the island in May were 206,523, being together with last January with 205,616 visitors, the least influx. 

Until now it has been March that leads the arrival of tourists with 238,330, followed by April with 227,383 and February with 219,362 passengers.