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“Feeling of panic” is what was experienced this Monday morning in the Forest of Haría after declaring a fire conato in the well-known Barranco de Elvira Sánchez . This is stated by the deputy mayor of Haría, Marci Acuña, who expresses his joy at the total extinction of the fire and thanks to the firefighters who “behaved like real cracks”, claiming a fire station for the north of the island .



In total, 20,000 square meters were affected in a fire with low grass and trees that finished extinction at 03.15 on Monday after more than six hours of hard fire fighting . In the work of extinction, 16 troops participated in the area plus four on duty in the central park, three pumps and 45,000 liters of water used.


According to the Consortium of Security and Emergencies of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, up to three units of the Fire Department of Lanzarote worked this Sunday to extinguish the conato of fire declared in the vicinity of the Forest of Haría, north of Lanzarote. It is the only green area with a considerable and very sensitive forest mass in Lanzarote, as the fire is known to be especially affected by specimens of Tarajales and pines.



Although it is an inaccessible area, it is possible that the sparks arose through a cigarette butt or came from the barbecue area located in the Grove. The causes that caused the flames are investigated.


A fire station in the north


Acuña has also thanked the local police of Haría, the Civil Guard and Civil Protection of Haria for their rapid action in the extinction of this fire, for which they also displaced troops from Emerlan and the Red Cross.



“Fortunately, I think the area will recover and the important thing is that this should help us to claim a fire station in the north in order to have a shorter response time,” concludes the Councilor for Planning and Commerce of the City Council of Haría.