Lanzarote, getting closer to normality
Lanzarote is getting closer to normality and it is that the Government of the Canary Islands has initiated a kind of de-escalation in relation to the restrictions by which on all the islands, except those that are at level 4, which at the moment does not affect to none, the restrictions of level 1 will be applied. The reason? Hospital and ICU pressure evolves in a decreasing way. Julio Pérez himself has explained that the basis of these measures, which are described as continuity, de-escalation, is due to the fact that although the incidence indicators of contagion remain high, the Public Health reports indicate that they lose importance in relation to the care pressure.
In this way, without capacity and without the obligation to keep quarantines, unless the disease passes, normality is, in fact, closer than ever.
Thus, although the incidence is still high, the pressure on beds, both hospital and ICU, has a decreasing evolution, and the spokesman has recognized that in Primary Care the pressure of incidence continues.
He has also indicated that the self-test data have been incorporated into the statistics to the incidence rates, with which there has been a significant increase, and the spokesman has commented that the reliability of these tests is lower than that of those carried out in health centers, which is “strikingly” higher in number.
This new normality comes into force on March 7 and will initially continue until April 30.
The new measures, which will be published in the Official Gazette of the Canary Islands, may be extended if deemed necessary, depending on the evolution of epidemiological and healthcare data.
The main new temporary measures that will be in force on the islands that are at alert levels 1, 2 and 3, starting next Monday, are:
General capacity: 100%, both in outdoor and indoor spaces.
Cultural activity: the maximum capacity, regardless of whether or not it is considered a massive event, will be 100% in both open and closed spaces.
Public shows: cultural, recreational, leisure and entertainment activities, including sports, that take place sporadically and in places other than establishments intended for the regular exercise of said activity will have a maximum capacity of 100% both outdoors and in closed spaces , and regardless of whether the public remains standing or sitting, as well as the consumption of food.
Federated and non-federated, professional and non-professional sports practice: it is allowed outdoors or in closed spaces, maintaining the interpersonal distance of 2 meters whenever possible. The number of participants will be limited by the specific regulations of each sport.
Training, competitions and sporting events: the capacity of the public will be 100% both in open spaces and in closed spaces and the measures provided for in the Agreement of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System of February 16, 2022 on the measures for mass sporting events, including those of the Professional Football League and the ACB League.
Children’s and youth camps: The capacity will be 100% for both outdoor activities and indoor activities.
Camping, refuges, non-social shelters and overnight camps: Camping is not allowed, except in the spaces enabled for this activity and the camping area will be delimited respecting the safety distance. The overnight stay will be carried out guaranteeing the distance of 2 meters between beds, bunks or people, and maintaining cross ventilation with outside air.
Dancing, parties, street parties and popular demonstrations are still not allowed, the spokesman for the Canarian government has commented.