The Data Center of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, department assigned to the Area of ​​Tourist Centers, Territorial Policy, Data Center and Yellow House, directed by the councilor Echedey Eugenio, has published the document ‘Lanzarote in figures 2018’.


It is a digital document of twenty-eight pages intended for the general public and that summarizes the main economic, geographical, demographic, social and environmental figures of the island last year.


The publication ‘Lanzarote in figures 2018’ consists of a great graphic support and has been done in Spanish and English. Those interested in obtaining a copy can download it from the website of the Lanzarote Data Center (, where they can also find all the statistical and documentary information of Lanzarote.


Main figures


The island, which has an area of ​​846 square kilometers, has a legal population of 149.18 inhabitants, of which 41% reside in the municipality of Arrecife. 22% of the residents of Lanzarote are foreign nationals, mainly British, Moroccans, Italians, Colombians and Germans.


The publication ‘Lanzarote in figures 2018’ devotes a section to economic indicators such as the number of companies, the area under cultivation and employment. It also includes the main tourism indicators, the entrance of tourists, the offer of restoration, and so on. It also offers information on transport, social and energy aspects.


Finally, the Data Center also has the historical information service called ‘Digital Memory of Lanzarote’ (, which offers the user thousands of photographs, videos and historical documents of the island. He is currently doing a photographic compilation of the artist César Manrique, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth.