Lanzarote moves to level 3
After a costly de-escalation, Lanzarote returns to Phase 3. The high number of daily infections in recent days (more than 250 today and a total of 3,800 active on the island) has been decided by the Governing Council.
Lanzarote today adds 3,790 active cases
At present, in addition, hospital pressure has increased in the Molina Orosa de Arrecife, leaving 15 patients on the ward and 3 in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). The Accumulated Incidence, another of the records to control the pandemic, although not the most important, has also skyrocketed in the last 10 days in Conejero territory.
The Omicron variant has shown that being more benevolent it is much more contagious than all the previous ones studied. For this reason, and surely due to the relaxation of society that, tired of restrictions, seems to have lowered its arms in the pandemic fight, Lanzarote will once again have to suffer a greater restrictive level.
Phase 3 will enter into force on Sunday at 00:00 hours and will be subject to periodic evaluations as during this entire pandemic stage. zarote to move to level 3