This new organisation has been created by the Lanzarote Business Association at the request of local property, property management companies and owners. The aim is to protect individual property owners and to work and lobby on their behalf to bring about changes and clarification regarding the current villa rental laws.

It has been clearly established that property owners and associated companies and businesses need an organisation that can work on their behalf. This new project needs the support of everyone. The authorities need to be made aware just how large the villa rental market is and the amount of business it generates for the island.

In order to explain more about Lanzarote Property Owners a meeting has been arranged.

Date: Tuesday 17th July 2012.
Venue: Salon Indieras, Cultura Department, Tias (see below for directions)
Time: 11.30 Registration
12.00 Meeting Commences
To reserve your free place please confirm your attendance to

. The priority is to have ONE voice that will represent the many number of voices
that need to be heard. The LBA is that voice and has the ability and contacts to speak with the authorities on behalf of its members.

. It is important to you as a property owner to be able to protect the investment
that you have made on the island.

. Lanzarote Business Association has the opportunity to speak on your behalf. So
if you have any positive thoughts, suggestions or ideas or want to help in anyway
then join with us. Now is the time for action.

. We are all in this together that means everybody. In these times of uncertainty
and economical pressure we need too work together as one.

. It is impossible to sit back and think that this situation is going to
go away. We can assure you that this will not happen.

. The LBA is a non profit making association that works on behalf of all of its
members. Those that are already members have joined because they know
and understand that without a loud voice and acting as one united group we will
be ignored and put aside. We must not and cannot allow that to happen. Unity,
volume and strength in numbers is the key to your future and the future of your
investment. The LBA was formed in 2008 and its aim is to promote tourism and
support and work with and for the community. We work closely with all of the
local government offices and attend regular meetings with these and other
authorities to ensure we keep up to date with any changes or future plans or new
legislation. This and any other information we receive is passed to our members.
Our members are important to us and we work hard to look after and protect all
of their interests.

. You must join with us. Together we will make a difference and
ensure your business or property investment is protected.
There is no time to waste now is the time to ACT. You can join at the meeting on Tuesday or contact us beforehand at Tel. 638 240 224

Directions for meeting:

Salón Indieras is situated in the Cultura department in Tías, next to the sports centre and opposite the shops Chacon & Roper. There is plenty of free parking. Address: C/ La Luchada nº 2, Tías.