Lanzarote Tourism Awards 2012

We continue to make progress in our project to legalise properties in Lanzarote.

Over the past weeks we have attended many meetings with important political figures and gained much needed support.

Last week we were invited to the award ceremony for the Isla de Lanzarote y Distinguidos del Turismo which was celebrated at the Cabildo of Lanzarote on World Tourism Day. This gave us an ideal opportunity for an informal talk with Paulino Rivero, the President of the Canarian Government  and Rita Hernández, General Director for Management & Promotion of Tourism. Carmen Steinert, the Minister for Tourism in Lanzarote, gave a good speech emphasising the importance of a positive experience for tourists and the difference that service with a smile can make. Pauline Rivero stressed the importance of tourism for the islands which should focus on sustainability which isn’t compatible with oil exploration that could endanger our main economy. Janice Mather the General Manager of Airports & Tourism Organisations at was present to receive their award, giving special thanks to Héctor Hernández for his continued help over the years.

The Lanzarote Property Owners project is now recognised by the the authorities and during October we have a number of crucial meetings planned.

Whilst we are unable at this stage to divulge individual meetings and details, we would like to assure all of our members that we are continuing in our quest to resolve the issue of illegal rentals.

We still need more properties to be registered and would urge owners to join us.