Lanzarote reached 19,903 unemployed in the month of April, which represents an increase of 171 people, compared to the month of March. This figure is, in addition, according to the figures published in the Data Center of the Cabildo de Lanzarote and obtained from the Canarian Employment Observatory, the highest in the last year, 365 days marked by the covid pandemic and by an economic crisis, in addition to health , historical. It must be remembered that Lanzarote is, together with Fuerteventura, one of the most affected islands in the Canary Islands because it depends almost entirely on tourism.


The increase in relation to the same month last year is 3,492 people, which represents a rise of about 25 percent.



By municipalities

Regarding the behavior of unemployment in each of the municipalities, in Arrecife there are 88 more unemployed than in March, standing at 10,615. In Haría the rise was 18 people, and there are currently 543 unemployed. In San Bartolomé there are 2,146 unemployed, that is, 26 more than the previous month. In Teguise the rise has been 12 people, and the unemployed stand at 1,926 unemployed. Tías ended April with 2,275 unemployed, or what is the same, with 29 more than in March. Tinajo added 10 people to unemployment and stands at 643 unemployed.


Yaiza is the only exception to the generalized behavior of the island and that is that in the southern municipality unemployment did not rise, but fell by twelve people and ended April with 2,205 unemployed.  


In the Canary Islands , unemployment reached 282,253 unemployed in April, after it increased by 27,542 people compared to the same month in 2020, experiencing a percentage increase of 10.80 percent. Regarding the monthly data, from March to April, the Canary Islands have also registered an increase of 1,873 unemployed, which has implied a rise of 0.67 percent compared to last month.


At the national level , April provided some relief as unemployment figures were reduced by 39,012 unemployed. At present, the number of unemployed reaches the figure of 3,910,628 people, according to the data advanced this Wednesday by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, and the Ministry of Social Security.