It does not seem that summer has any intention of ending in Lanzarote, which is experiencing an exceptionally warm year. In fact, with the exception of a week in which temperatures moderated slightly, the island has been above 25 degrees since August.


October was already revealed as one of the warmest in the history of the island since the 70s and it seems that November is going the same way.


This Monday the thermometers stood at 32 degrees in some parts of the island and it seems that these temperatures will be repeated today, Tuesday. The Aemet predicts clear skies, except for some intervals of high cloudiness in the late hours of the day, a slight presence of haze and rising temperatures, between 30 and 32 degrees. The minimums will not drop below 21, in the middle of November.


Additionally, winds will be light throughout the week.


The forecasts point to Thursday as the date on which thermometers will begin to drop slightly, although everything seems to indicate that the cold will still not arrive, at least for the moment.