Very few understand the decision, taken today in the Governing Council, to “punish” Lanzarote again with Phase 2. A level from which it took us a long time to get out despite the fact that the indicators have been favorable for quite some time on the island. eastern archipelago. One of the most worrying aspects to take into account when discerning the Phase in which each island has to be, in addition to the number of infections, is hospital pressure. In Lanzarote, in particular, it is practically nil in the Molina Orosa; with a person in the ward -Covid- and no patient in the ICU.
It is therefore that Lanzarote returns to a Phase 2 that it abandoned a month ago without any other remedy, with the restrictions of this level. This has been decided by the Canarian Executive, despite the fact that the vast majority of those infected do not need hospital care because they are in an age group below 40 years.
In fact, Amós García himself commented in Café de Periodistas that “this wave is not having the dramatic impact of the previous waves of the pandemic, fundamentally because thanks to vaccines we have protected the vulnerable population and that is translating into a number of deaths much less than what we would have had if this sector of the population had not been vaccinated ”, he pointed out. “There is a certain hospital pressure, but not of the intensity that has been in previous waves.”