The regional government has decidedly committed to the Canary Islands spending their holidays in the Archipelago. To do this, it has activated what has been called a tourist voucher, an incentive that would come into effect on July 1 and that would discount up to 50 percent of the spending on accommodation of Canaries who wish to register.


There would be a maximum subsidy ceiling that would be between 200, 400 or 600 euros.


We have taken to the streets to see what the people of Lanzarote think about this Canarian tourist voucher and the majority are very much in favor of it.


“It is a good idea, due to the bad times we are going through, that mobility between the islands is facilitated and thus tourism is activated,” says a neighbor.


Others point out the importance of canaries supporting each other, and especially small businesses that are having a particularly bad time. “It has always been said that, despite the island chops, when a canary needs it, there is another there to shake his hand,” they say.


In general they are in favor of promoting inter-island tourism, and consider that the moment is ideal.


To enjoy the voucher, it will be necessary to stay in the complexes that adhere to the program that the Ministry of Tourism is designing and that will be launched in the coming days. The model that will be imposed will be that of a prepaid card that could be purchased online.