The Plaza de los Naciones in Los Pocillos, Puerto del Carmen will host two festivals this summer to rock the resort, the Lanzarote Summer Festival and the Oktoberfest 2011. Two initiatives organized in collaboration with local Government and the municipality of Tias, which will helpto raise funds for AFA (Association of families with Alzheimers) and for sports clubs of the island.

The Lanzarote Music Summer Festival will be held on Friday 30 September from 4pm to 1:30 am. It will feature performances by bands from the island, and the German group The Silk Rabbits.

The next day, Octpber 1st, will be the second edition of the Oktoberfest , the Festival of Beer. The first day, to be held from 10am to 11pm, there will be an opening ceremony, where the Municipal Band will attend and also there will be Bavarian-polka music.

The second day of this festival to be held from 10am to 8pm, and will begin with Bavarian-polka music and a snack of beer and “weibwurst” (white sausage). Also there will be a contest to pick the Mr. and Mrs. Oktoberfest 2011, with prizes for best dressed, the sexiest and most fun.

The Oktoberfest will have a wide variety of music with performances by local bands and artists.

During the three days that will involve both the Lanzarote Summer Festival as the Oktoberfest will be also a place of art, mini golf tournament and a playground with inflatables , among others.

So go along and enjoy the fun!