The Plaza de las Naciones in Puerto del Carmen was the scene this weekend of The Summer Music Festival and Oktoberfest, traditional German beer festival. Two events that involved the collaboration of the City of Tias and the Cabildo of Lanzarote, and whose proceeds will go to the Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s (AFA).

The opening of the Oktoberfest was chaired by the mayor of the municipality, Jose Francisco Hernandez, who reached the venue in a carriage pulled by a camel. The mayor of Tias was joined at the event, entertained by the Municipal Band.

Oktoberfest attendees could enjoy the typical German food, with things such as the white sausage and beer, and other traditional regional specialties. On Sunday, they also chose Mr. and Mrs. Oktoberfest.

The Lanzarote Summer Festival , meanwhile, was held on Friday night and featured performances from various local groups, as well as the German band Silk Rabbits.