Anyone who has been lucky enough to visit Lanzarote, or better still live here, will know that the sunsets are incredible! There is rarely a dull, completely cloudy day on the island. Instead you generally have clear beautiful blue skies during the daytime. This is all part of the often talked about “best climate in the world” of the Canary Islands. It might sound like a cliché, but the climate here in Lanzarote really is amazing!

These clear skies contribute to some absolutely stunning sunsets that sometimes seem almost unreal in their beauty. The colours that are created by the sun as it makes its descent below the horizon are mesmerising. Another contributing factor to the beauty of Lanzarote’s sunsets has got to be the relatively small number of obstructions like big buildings, and artificial lights. Due to the small size of the island it is easy to reach the horizon and see the sun dropping down beneath the ocean.

Stunning sunset at Los Hervideros

 Unlike other places, like the UK, where the climate and therefore the sunsets (and sunrises) are very much dependent on the time of year, you more or less have a great year-round climate here in Lanzarote. That means that at most times of the year here you are able to see beautiful sunsets, some of which are simply breathtaking.

 Let us know in the comments below where in Lanzarote you have seen the best sunset and if you have any photos or videos we would love to see them. If you liked this blog post then please share on social media!
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