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Lanzarote will continue for another week at alert level 4 and the measures will be toughened ten days for Carnival

Additional restrictions have been approved for the entire archipelago, depending on the alert level of each island



Lanzarote will continue at least another week at alert level 4 and, in addition, will face additional restrictions during Carnival days, as in the rest of the archipelago . This was agreed on Thursday by the Governing Council of the Canary Islands, after re-analyzing the situation of all the islands.

In that weekly evaluation, it has been agreed to lower the alert level in Tenerife, which now goes to 1, while the rest of the islands maintain the one they already had . In the case of Lanzarote, it is the only one that is at the maximum level, 4, while Gran Canaria remains at level 3 for another week.


“All the islands are improving, but they are not improving enough,” said the Canarian government spokesman, Julio Pérez, during the press conference after the Governing Council. In this regard, he recalled that there are some assessed indicators that make level changes “relatively automatic”.

In Lanzarote, despite the improvement in recent days, five of these eight indicators remain at the maximum risk level, including that of hospital pressure in the ICU, as well as the cumulative incidence at seven and fourteen days and the incidence in greater.

Along with the weekly assessment of the levels on each island, the Governing Council has also agreed on additional measures on the occasion of Carnival, to avoid concentrations that could lead to new outbreaks. These measures will be in force from this Friday the 12th to Sunday the 21st, although they will have less impact on Lanzarote, since it currently has greater restrictions due to alert level 4.



The main novelty for the island during these days will be a further reduction in the number of non-cohabitating people who can meet . Since the last time the rules governing each level were updated, in Lanzarote a maximum of two people was allowed, which could be raised to four if they met on the terrace of a bar or restaurant. However, from this Friday and up to ten days from now, the maximum will be two people both in the hospitality industry and in any other public or private space.

As for the rest of the islands, those that are on level 1 and 2 will have meetings limited to six people and Gran Canaria, which is on level three, to four people. “This is a limit that is superimposed on the general rules and that applies to these days of carnivals,” stressed the spokesman for the Executive.

In addition, a curfew is established for all the islands from 10 pm to 6 am, which coincides with the one that Lanzarote already has because it is on alert 4. And the same happens with other measures that will be extended these days to all the islands but which were already in force in Lanzarote, such as bar consumption.


The agreement also includes the intensification of controls in ports and airports of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands to avoid travel on the islands where entries and exits are restricted, which are Lanzarote and Gran Canaria.

As for regular urban and metropolitan public land transport for passengers, its capacity is limited to 50% and also “surveillance of urban and metropolitan land transport means will be reinforced at peak times, in order to avoid crowds.”

Finally, the Government also stresses that “parties, festivals and other popular events are not allowed, which also implies the prohibition of convening events, celebrations, contests or any other type of events that may incite the gathering of people or that involve situations that make it difficult or impossible to comply with general preventive measures, such as crowding of people, staying in a number higher than the one established for each alert level, maintaining interpersonal safety distance or failure to comply with gauges ” .