Tui Travel, and Monarch have confirmed their commitment to Lanzarote destination for the summer
The major operators in the UK will strengthen its air routes to Lanzarote during the next summer. The Minister of Tourism of the Cabildo, Astrid Perez, said yesterday that more than 400,000 have scheduled air seats for the summer of 2012 between the airports of major British cities and the island.

The TUI Group is undoubtedly one of the biggest bets for the destination Lanzarote and the proof are the forecasts from the UK for the summer of 2012. These figures will mean a 11% increase in the number of seats for the summer period, with respect to the summer of 2011. Increase that occurs at the same time thanks to Tui Travel launches a total of 111,000 posts in its programming for the summer. For its part, the winter figures also reflected an increase of 13% in the number of places.

The City Council signed a partnership agreement with Tui Travel around two objectives: first, make a joint marketing campaign designed to encourage and promote the summer season, and, second, it raised the possibility of hosting a Lanzarote group’s retail conference. At this meeting would come a thousand people, but has yet to confirm whether the meeting will be in 2012 or 2013.

For its part, the British group confirmed Jet2 during the celebration of Fitur Fair in Madrid this summer increased 29% in the number of places, by which adds fifth route from Glasgow (the other four routes together Lanzarote with Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, East Middlands), whose first flight will be March 29. In addition, there would be increasing frequencies on the route from Manchester to exceed two per week to three. This operator will offer 112,300 seats this summer 2012.

Monarch Travel Group has also granted 185,000 seats for next summer, making this mode, the forecast for Lanzarote are the best in the Canary Islands. The British market interest for further underlined get the momentum that the low cost Irish carrier, Ryanair, is giving the island.

In search of European tourism

*Poland. Lanzarote in September will host a meeting of Polish tour operators which include a total of 180 officers in order to support the flight from Warsaw to Bydgoszcz, which began operations in November. In the meeting held between representatives of the council and TUI Poland is considered the possibility that for the 2012-2013 winter season, begin to operate a flight to Lanzarote with a southern Poland (from Katowice or Krakow).

*Scandinavia. The Minister of Tourism of the Cabildo, Astrid Perez yesterday confirmed contacts with representatives of TUI Nordic (Scandinavian Lanzarote main operator) for the implementation of a co-marketing campaign for an amount from Lanzarote Tourism of 100,000 face Euro 2012.

*France. The Board will also conduct a campaign of ‘marketing’ with Thalasso French tour operator No. 1 to enhance begin flights between Paris and the island in February.