This month of October will end with the visit of some 60,000 tourists

The cruise season has started and we already notice the intense activity before the arrival of boats to the port of Los Mármoles. According to the latest forecasts, Arrecife will receive more than 157,000 passengers before the end of the year . A fact that confirms that more travelers will arrive in the capital than last year. 


Some 2,900 passengers arrived on Tuesday and today the ‘Mein Schiff’ will receive the same amount. From the companies of ships confirm that the influx of passengers will be noticed by the streets of capital as it has happened these days back. 


October 10 will be the day that more cruise passengers arrive in the capital waters during this month. However, on November 1 the activity will be intense, since 4 cruise ships will be docked. Only in this month of October the visit of 60,000 tourists is expected. 


In December, however, it is expected that some 70,000 passengers will berth , so the stopovers will be higher in Los Mármoles. The average cost of these tourists is about 30 euros a day in terms of purchases is concerned, but if they make trips increases to 50 euros.