Thanks to Centro de Datos Lanzarote

The hotels and non-hotel complexes of Lanzarote reached 90.7 million euros in turnover in the month of August, which represents an increase of nine percent compared to the same month of the previous year.

Specifically, hotels earned 72.4 million euros and non-hotel establishments that are regulated billed about 18.3 million euros. In the month of July, they had received 67.4 and 15.6 million euros, respectively.

The average rate has increased by eight percent, reaching 127.11 euros per night: 144.5 euros for hotels and 86 euros for non-hotel complexes.

However, the average stay has decreased by four percent, reaching just over seven nights on average in hotels and above eight nights in non-hotels.

In August, Lanzarote’s regulated establishments accommodated 274,798 people, three percent more, according to the Tourist Accommodation Survey prepared by ISTAC and published by the Cabildo Data Center.

Currently, 195 accommodation establishments are open to the public in Lanzarote: 77 hotels and 118 non-hotel complexes, with 64,787 accommodation places offered: around 21,400 non-hotel complexes and just over double that number in hotels.

In that sense, it is estimated that Lanzarote’s accommodation sector generates 11,375 jobs, according to figures from the last month, 15 percent more. Most of them in hotels (more than 9,000 jobs).