Cumbre Vieja is already the most damaging volcano in the history of La Palma

The Cumbre Vieja volcano, which this Tuesday marks a month since it erupted and has already destroyed 789 hectares -according to the Copernicus measurement system-, and 1,835 buildings, 121 more than in the last update of the European satellite system ‘ Copernicus’, is the most damaging volcano in the history of the island, which has had eight volcanic eruptions.

As detailed by Involcan, this eruption is not only more damaging due to its impact on homes, cultivation areas or infrastructures, since only on the surface is it the largest and still without prospects that the completion of the lava emission will end soon.

Thus, the Tacande volcano, which was active between 1430 and 1447, affected 424 hectares; Tehuya, in 1585, 338 hectares; Tigalate, in 1646, 296 hectares; San Antonio, between 1677 and 1678, 210 hectares; Charco, in 1712, 441 hectares and the most recent ones, San Juan, in 1949, with 323 hectares and Teneguía in 1971, with 276 hectares.