In February we discussed plans to have a number of members taking responsibility for areas across the island. This was voted upon and the motion was accepted.

For the North Area the representatives are Ian Slade, Brian Wicks and Paul Kelly.

For the Central Area John Spinks, Ann Leneghan and Martin Hancock. And

For the South Area Jason Sheriston, Jennie Chick and Merethe Thortveit (not pictured).

LBA President Daniel Trigg

The first joint meeting was held at the hotel Costa Calero in May, and was voted a huge success by all the enthusiastic representatives.


LBA president Daniel Trigg chaired the meeting and everyone came armed with suggestions and ideas of how to move the LBA forward and benefit its members and the island in general. A lot of extremely useful and viable plans were made and these are all `works in progress´ once we have these plans more fully established then we will of course share them with you