At 9 o’clock in the morning of this Tuesday, in Marina Lanzarote an appointment was made with the story : he arrived at the marina of Arrecife the nao Santa Maria, a replica of the ship with which Christopher Columbus undertook his trip to discovery.

The replica of emblematic ship chooses the shipyard of Marina Lanzarote to make some repairs before crossing the Atlantic .

The travel lift of Marina Lanzarote has the capacity to lift boats of up to 820 tons and up to 60 meters in length, which greatly facilitates the work of grounding of this type of craft with such particular characteristics and whose stranded in other dry dock would be very complicated or non-viable.

The boat comes to land in Santa Cruz de La Palma , where they delivered the bell of Truth, a Canarian ship sunk in Bermuda at the end of the 19th century and will remain in Arrecife for the next few days before heading to Puerto Rico .