Following our successful Property Meeting in February, we had been inundated with questions from owners wanting to know how to legalize their holiday rental properties.

In order to simplify matters we decided to hold regional meetings to help clarify information, on Wednesday 12th March we held a meeting for owners in Yaiza (Playa Blanca) There was a lot of information given but to summarise; our “legal team” have done the work, the “road map” is complete and is ready to roll, the support group and back up is in place and most importantly yes there are ways to legalise your villa subject to meeting certain criteria. Owners can now start the process; there are obviously costs involved in the legalisation process, but as stated by joining a consolidated group costs can be considerable lower and time scales reduced. If you want to be part of this collective and protect your interests and begin the legalising process for your property via the LBA and their team of experts then please contact us as soon as possible.