Ian Slade with Teguise MayorPlaya Las Cucharas Promenade

This week Kevin Roper met with Oswaldo Betancort, the Mayor of Teguise and Antonio Callero the Councillor for Tourism in Teguise at the council offices. They discussed different points relating to the legalisation of villas, fincas and rural houses and support the ideas. The Mayor advised Kevin to continue with the Lanzarote Property Owners “battle” and encouraged the work the commission has completed so far. Oswaldo Betancort repeated that he needs the facts and figures in order to demand changes from authorities above, it’s necessary to show that there are many people affected and interested in resolving the situation which is essential for the economy.

We also requested a meeting with the Mayor for Ian Slade, one of our members. He wanted to discuss the situation with the work outstanding on the promenade at Playa Las Cucharas in Costa Teguise. Oswaldo explained that the work will begin in 20 days and take approximately three and a half months to complete. The work will be completed in such a way that the bar, restaurant and shop owners in that area will be able to remain open throughout the renovation. He also promised to return to the area once the work has started to check that its being carried out correctly.

The Mayor is very interested in having an open meeting with the foreign residents in the whole municipality to have a chance to talk and listen to them. The date will be some time in November, we will give full details of the event as soon as it is confirmed.