Member Interview – Barracuda, Costa Teguise

We recently met up with James and Annie who this year opened Cafe Bar Barracuda in Costa Teguise

LBRA. Hi James and Annie, thanks for taking the time to meet us, can we ask how long have you been in Lanzarote, how are you enjoying it and of course why Lanzarote?

J & A. Well we arrived here in April 2018, we had visited the island many times and had often thought about living or retiring here, but retirement is still quite a long way off. We had busy jobs and lives in the UK and had thought about starting our own business and then we thought well maybe we can combine both plans and open a business in Lanzarote.

LBRA: So you have this lovely Cafe Bar how did that come about and was this what you did previously?

James. Well I worked in insurance and accounting and Annie was a nurse, so very different to what we are doing now. We had done lots of research over a number of years and had looked at a number of potential businesses, we initially had another business in mind but plans changed and we opened Barracuda in Costa Teguise. There was of course a delay in our original opening plans (nothing new there we understand) due to the amount of paperwork and checks to be completed, but finally the great day arrived and so far so good and no regrets.

LBRA. Could you tell us about the items you have to offer.

Annie. Well I look after the food and baking side, it has always been something I have enjoyed and have baked for many years. James looks after the bar side ( we have a fully licenced bar, so cocktails, beers, wine, soft drinks etc and of course prosecco and Italian coffee) All our goods are freshly baked and we offer light snacks and drinks from 09.30 – 8.00pm. Our range includes freshly made sandwiches and baguettes, salads, homemade pasties, sausage rolls, baked potatoes, and a different homemade soup daily. On the sweeter side we have cakes, pastries, scones, flapjacks etc and of course this month mince pies. We also have a selection of hot chocolate and during the winter months offer hot brandy coffee as well. We also offer a takeaway service and a selection of gift wrapped items, wines, wine and chocolate, sauces etc. Gift vouchers are also available and from next year we shall be offering “speciality cream teas” with prior bookings. We are also able to cater for private evening functions and have buffet menus available and we also offer a cake making service for whatever the occasion. Our afternoon teas can be pre booked from January and will be ideal for birthdays, baby showers, a few friends meeting up, or any occasion

LBRA. What would you say are your best sellers?

J&A. Well not easy to answer as most items are popular and it’s lovely to see regulars calling in for their favourites, but the Cornish pasties, sausage rolls and scones would probably be the best sellers. We also are introducing some Christmas themed items, mince pies obviously but some other things like turkey and stuffing/cranberry sandwiches or baguettes.

LBRA. Is Lanzarote meeting your expectations?

J&A. Yes it is, although we had to get used to the different pace of life here and the speed at which things take to do, i.e long time to get paperwork sorted to open up, but we accept that we are in a different country and work with their rules and regulations.

LBRA. How easy/difficult have you found setting up a business in Lanzarote? Any pitfalls or recommendations/advice you could offer to others?

J&A. As above the length of time and we would always recommend that unless you speak the language fluently that you use an interpreter to help with the paperwork etc.

LBRA. What if any changes would you like to see in Lanzarote?

J&A. We would like to see more promotion about events taking place, we seem to find out about them once they have happened. Also improvements to the pavements in Costa Teguise would be a good idea.

LBRA. Best things about living in Lanzarote?

J&A. The relaxed pace, of course the climate and we love the landscape, Lanzarote may not be everyone’s ideal, but it’s ours.

LBRA. How do you like to relax?

J&A. We very much enjoy walking and on our day off hope to achieve a 25/30km walk, we have found so many good walks but know there are many more and we look forward to those. We also enjoy a quiet meal with the superb wine we have here, and we try to use local places but maybe a little more out of the main tourist areas. And of course we always support fellow local businesses.

LBRA. Anything that would surprise people to know about you all?

J&A. Well this caused a few laughs, Annie in an ideal world would like to be a farmer but wait for it a goat farmer! How cool is that, so if they ever decide to leave Lanzarote we would find them in North Yorkshire on a farm with goats and alpacas. James has always enjoyed singing and is a secret karaoke fan.

LBRA. 5 words to describe Lanzarote?

J&A. Relaxed, Welcoming, Surprising, Varied and Satisfying.

LBRA. Has being part of the LBRA association been useful to you and would you recommend it to others?

J&A. Yes, for sure, extremely worth getting involved.

LBRA. What next any future plans?

J&A. Well for now we are concentrating on our business here, and plan to be here long term, but we are constantly planning and would eventually like to introduce different items onto the menu, and host more events and private parties.

LBRA. James and Annie, thank you so much for your time today it’s been great to catch up and find out a little more about you both. James and Annie also host a Spanish/English language exchange on a Monday evening from 6.00pm. If anyone would like to contact them then please email or contact them via their Facebook page. Please see below for more details. The Language exchange sessions have now finished for the Christmas break but will restart on Monday 7h January.

Barracuda, Avenida de las Islas Canarias, CC Calipso, Local No.2, Costa Teguise