The general secretary of Canary Coalition in Lanzarote and deputy of the Canarian Nationalist Parliamentary Group (CC-PNC), Migdalia Machín, has bet this morning on the use of the bicycle as an instrument to fight against climate change and as a new tourist attraction for those who visit Canary Islands.


The nationalist leader thus joined the votes in favor of the Parliamentary Group PNL Podemos on the use of the bicycle as one of the axes of a sustainable model of transport in the Canary Islands, discussed today in the Commission of Public Works and Transport of the Canarian Parliament.


“We are all aware that in order to combat climate change we must reduce motor vehicles and promote other vehicles such as bicycles for all those that contribute to sustainable development and all the advantages it has both from the environmental point of view and from the point of view of health “, has indicated.


Thus, Machín recalled the good result that the bike loan system is having in those cities where it has been implemented, proceeding to decongest traffic from different locations and has reminded that the different islands work on projects that seek to give greater prominence to this conveyance.


In this way, the leader of the Canarian Coalition spoke about the Cycling Route of Lanzarote; a project that began in 2011 with the aim of uniting the whole island through a safe bike lane, “directed not only to the use of amateur cyclists and professionals, but to enhance the tourist attractions of our island with a new sport and leisure alternative” .