The Lanzarote Business Association was invited to attend a presentation that took place on Monday 18th June in Puerto del Carmen with the attendance of the previous and present

Mayors of Tías and Tourism councillors, the president of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, the President of the Canary Islands and many authorities and local business people.

At the meeting plans were unveiled regarding the second phase of the modernisation of the resort. Please check… for information of the first phase of the plan.

Puerto del Carmen was the first place of the Archipelago to feature the Plan for Modernization, Improvement and Increased Tourism Competitiveness (2011) and now is preparing to launch the second phase of this initiative with the support of the Canarian Government and the municipality of Tias.
For now, there are eight hotel companies and complementary services that are interested in benefiting from the expansion of the program.
These are the complexes Alondra Villas, Balcon del Mar, Annex Fariones Hotel, Hyde Park and the San Antonio. The other facilities are Rancho Texas theme park and two shopping centres: Costa Mar and Costa Luz, announced yesterday by the manager of GESPLAN Rafael Castellano.

June 29 is the last day when companies can apply to become part of the plan. Appliciations can be made at the offices of the Ayuntamiento de Tias.
In the first phase of the plan the works included Cafe La Ola, Aparthotel Sol Lanzarote, which has increased its status from one to four stars and the shops Mint and Fund Grube.
Las Rocas will transform the commercial spaces into hotel rooms and apartments and 160 parking spaces, Los Fariones will become a five star hotel, La Perla will create a parking area; Panorama apartments will also upgrade their facilities, as will Rocas Blancas.

The mayor of Tías, Jose Francisco Hernandez, encouraged businesses to join in this second phase “that will change the face of Puerto del Carmen” and said that Tias bonuses by up to 90% the planning permission for such works.

The President of Canarias, Paulino Rivero, said “the biggest challenge of the Canary Islands today is modernizing its tourism sector” and “the Administration will give a push and devote all our energies to continue improving it”
The authorities are well aware of the need to improve infrastructure and service in the islands: Mr Rivero said it is everybody´s responsibility to create awareness of the unique conditions that Canarias offers for tourism and work for the next 10 years.

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