The drip of the arrival of boats to the island of Lanzarote does not stop. Early in the morning a boat with about thirty Maghrebi, including a woman, docked and after crossing from the African continent, in the little village of La Santa. He did it in broad daylight and with the collaboration of a local fisherman who towed him to land to avoid a possible shipwreck. 


According to reports from the Civil Guard, at around 8:40 a citizen alerted 112 for the sighting of a boat in the sea, near the coast of the fishing village of Tinajo. Due to the wind, the illegal boat had to be towed by a fishing vessel to the port, where it arrived around 8.50 am. 



Once in place an important security device was deployed composed by the Civil Guard in union with the Fiscal and Border Patrol and agents of the Local Police of Tinajo. 


So far it is unknown if there could be minors among immigrants, who apparently are all in good health, without requiring medical attention. 



This is the fourth boat that arrives this week , after three arrived on Monday, and the second one that enters through La Santa, which apparently has become one of the main routes when it comes to reaching the coast of Lanzarote. 


From Social Services has been concerned about whether they have been able to reach new minors, given the collapse in which they have entered the emergency services of the Cabildo, to the point that yesterday they were forced to declare Humanitarian Emergency to be able make use of the shelter of La Santa.