From Monday there will be no need to justify transfers between islands, so there will be free mobility since the Canary Islands reach Phase 3 of the de-escalation. This was announced by the spokesman for the regional executive, Julio Pérez, in his subsequent appearance at the Governing Council.


Likewise, Pérez has advanced that during this month the process that tourists traveling to the Archipelago must follow to ensure that they do not carry the Covid-19 will be determined. The opening to international tourism will not take place until July.


Also, the government spokesman has pointed out, as EFE reports, that “in a territory such as the Canary Islands, the safest system is for the visitor to bring their certificate of origin that they are not infected, but since they cannot be forced to do so, another The option is to carry out the test on the islands “and it has not ruled out that, at first, the autonomous community could assume” part of the expense that also corresponds to tourist activity