It is said that divorce and moving house are two of our most stressful activities, maybe true … but having spent the weekend involved in the latter, I’m not so sure.

Agreed, that packing up all your worldly belongs and transporting them from A to B is very time consuming, but the start of a new chapter in life, is very exciting. A good chance to sift thru the mountains of “stuff” that we accumulate in our lives … sorting the “do I really need this?” from the “I can’t survive without this” piles, CAN be very refreshing.

But for me, the best part is looking forward to discovering a new part of the island – I visit Playa Blanca several times a week with my work – I go, do my work and then return home, but now I can start to wander and enjoy the hidden corners of the town and its delights.

So, stressful? Not really – at the start of a new week, looking forward to the adventure.