Assistance package

Planning to move to the island? Not sure where to start or what you need to do to buy/rent a property, open a business, open a bank account, are you entitled to health cover, do I have to register with the Ayuntamiento, how do I get a licence for my business?

So many questions, and where to begin, and who has the answers. We do! We have many years of experience helping people with all of the above and with general day to day problems and assistance.

We are the only “official” association on the island that offers this type of assistance.

You will have the opportunity to meet with other members (between us we hundreds of years experience of working and living on the island). We can arrange for you to have private meetings with members who like ourselves will be happy to offer advice and support.

Our new assistance package is just €250 per household for 12 months assistance.

This is a new type of​ membership and is aimed at residents and non residents who may be planning to move here or buy property here and who will need help and assistance. Our services cover all aspects you would need and includes​ translations, bank, medical appointments, utility issues, legal and general paperwork matters and day to day advice and assistance.

Basically if you have a problem you can contact us and talk with an English speaking person who can help you. This membership gives you five hours free assistance per year.

So what’s your next move? Contact us at and quote “assistance package” and we will do the rest.