The concert Timple Fusión, by Jaira Quartet, gave the kick-off to the musical Sundays that Cultura Teguise proposes

It has been seven years since the Castillo de Santa Bárbara of La Villa de Teguise, raised on the Mountain of Guanapay from an old tower built at the beginning of the 14th century by Lancelotto Malocello, has been transformed into a Museum of Piracy.

In 2011 a new stage of the Castle began, which was no longer Emigrant Museum to become an attractive museum on piracy in the Canary Islands, with the aim of making known the history of this fortress, which is marked by the successive invasions of pirates and corsairs.


To commemorate its anniversary, the area of ​​Culture of Teguise coordinated by Olivia Duque, has launched a new musical initiative for Sundays at noon, an offer that started this Sunday with Jaira Quartet and its repertoire “Timple Fusión”, -from the hand of the musicians Carlos Almaguer, José Vicente Pérez, Adrián Niz and Ayoze Rodríguez-, and that will continue every Sunday at 12 o’clock.