On Thursday 10th January Kevin Roper LBA spokesperson for the liberation of the villa rental market and LBA secretary Silvia flew to Tenerife for a meeting with leaders of Coalicion Canaria. The meeting had been arranged via the contacts the LBA has, as the C.C. was extremely interested in the work the association does.

At the meeting representing C.C. was Diputados – Excmo. Sr. Diputado José Miguel González Hernández Diputados , Excmo. Sr. Diputado José Miguel Ruano León Diputados and Excmo. Sr. Diputado José Miguel Barragán Cabrera,together with David de la Hoz, the Lanzarote MP who helped arrange the meeting. Having been previously informed about the LBA and its projects C.C. were keen to learn firsthand more about the problems facing villa owners. Kevin and Silvia were able to discuss and explain fully what the project involved and why it was imperative to make villa lettings legal. C.C. was extremely supportive of the project and has promised assistance.

Mr González said that after he had read the information we had sent, he had looked at the laws applied in Valencia and the Bolkestein Directive. He said that there will be a meeting with all the Presidents of the Cabildos shortly and “Something will have to be said” about the problem of lack of laws regarding the rental of villas. At the close of the meeting they thanked the LBA (“La Asociación camina en la dirección correcta”) and they repeated that they are more aware than ever that there is a situation that needs to be addressed: Mr Ruano said “Canarias no puede ignorar la realidad”, the Canaries cannot ignore reality? David de la Hoz has since been in contact to discuss and arrange further meetings in Lanzarote.

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