Nueva Canarias alerts that Canal Gestión has announced a rise in the water price of up to 2.28%, which will be applied within 3 months. “This increase is part of the contract that San Ginés prepared for the Madrilenian company investigated for corruption to guarantee huge profits,” they said in a statement.


“If this rise is maintained over time, Lanzarote citizens will end up paying up to 25% more in their water rate, depending on the section. From New Canary Islands we warned that the company would progressively raise water prices until the cost becomes the most expensive in the Spanish State, and indeed this is happening, “they say.


“It should be noted that this is the first scare in the rate, and that occurs in the election year. From New Canaries we suspect that the rise will be very controlled, so that Canal Gestión does not harm the man who gave him the water on the island, San Ginés. That is why we do not rule out, that the escalation of price increases will be wild as of 2019, once the local elections are held, “the statement continues. “A business model based on useless works and price increases for citizens to pay for them”.


Nueva Canarias says in the statement that “both San Ginés and Canal Gestión continue to boast of having buried most of the investment committed on this island, while still losing half of the water produced. What is evident is that without those losses Channel Management would not have to raise the price. But neither the Water Consortium nor Pedro San Ginés demand anything about efficiency in production or about the effectiveness of the works carried out, “they say. “Therefore, Canal Gestión’s business is based on the performance of useless works, which are financed by the increase in rates. So that as always the citizen and the small entrepreneur, they have to pay for the broken dishes of a nefarious and dubious management “.