The Safety and Emergency Consortium is working so that when the works in the South Park are completed – predictably in September – this infrastructure will be staffed with vehicles so that its operation is immediate; For this purpose, you will buy a fire truck for € 321,000, go out to tender today. The president of the Emergency Consortium, Echedey Eugenio, explains that “this vehicle is aimed at meeting the needs of both small and medium-sized firefighting and traffic accidents.”

Specifically it is a fire pump, comes equipped with a high and low pressure pump and a water tank of 3000 liters . It has rescue material for traffic accidents, it is also electrohydraulic tools (batteries) that are quieter and practical since the engine and hoses are suppressed. The new equipment incorporates basic healthcare material, beacon material, generator, and various tools for any type of assistance, among other benefits.

The vehicle will provide an optimal service in the south of the island since it meets the needs of the area whether urban or interurban. This vehicle will replace the current vehicle that is 18 years old. The new vehicle is expected to be operational before the end of the year.