The City of Teguise has reported that it has licensed a five-star luxury hotel in Costa Teguise with a capacity for 709 seats linked to health and spa tourism, thus assuming one of the largest private investments in the tourist area of ​​the municipality in around 100 million euros.


This is a unique project that establishes an “interaction between the environment, the geology of the place, ethnographic culture, salt production, sports, aquatic therapies and current social economic activity ” of the island such as tourism .


With capacity for 709 people, it will have 3 single rooms; 252 double rooms of which 7 are adapted; 40 suites, 2 are adapted; 60 suites with own pool, 2 are adapted; and 1 Premium suite with large own pool.


As highlighted by the City Council, the hotel complex will be designed for people with all kinds of conditions, with facilities completely adapted for people with reduced mobility. In this center the clients receive varied physiotherapeutic treatments with the use of sea water or related products, beneficial for health. A medical service, personalized food service, together with the purification of the indoor air of the rooms, complement the health care. The spa will have a useful area of ​​4,811.63 m2 which makes it one of the largest in Europe.


The hotel complex stands out for its sports facilities, including two large roofed areas, the west sports area, with multipurpose track, paddle tennis, gym, swimming pools and complementary services, its total area is 2,313.92 m2. East sports area for nautical activities, archery and gun shooting, cycling, trekking and jogging, in the basement with a useful area of ​​2,108.99 m2. They are complemented by a pool of games and competitions abroad, with the network of roads and cycling activities of the urbanization and with the nautical activities of the urbanization in which events and competitions of international level are held.


An investment of 100 million


From the City Council of Teguise, Mayor Oswaldo Betancort, welcomes the fact that “these large investments, in addition to being pioneers and offering a differentiated product, are projected in Teguise , with the population of Costa Teguise and Lanzarote being favored, in general, with the job creation this complex will entail. ”


It also clarifies that the urban planning detailed in the General Management Plan of the Municipality of Teguise establishes for plot 244-F that its buildable must be destined to a hotel with a minimum category of four stars and an important part of it to equipment that complements the establishment itself , the Costa Teguise urbanization and the Island in general. This arrangement, together with the uniqueness that the property is a pioneer and promoter of thalasso-therapeutic facilities and has a clear desire to integrate into the environment, has motivated the writing of this project.