New record, 145 flights over the weekend

The César Manrique Airport in Lanzarote is increasing the arrival of tourists for weeks. The best thermometer is still this main visitor gate, which this weekend broke a new post-pandemic record with the arrival of 145 flights: 73 on Saturday and 72 on Sunday.


From Turismo Lanzarote these figures are confirmed. “It is part of the recovery that Lanzarote is experiencing, but, anyway, that record is post-covid, since historically it has achieved much higher figures, but after the pandemic, it is a record,” says the counselor of Tourism, Ángel Vázquez.


But the question that many people ask is, how full are all these planes?


Vázquez affirms that “they do not come completely full, the average is 80 percent, but the truth is that people still want to visit Lanzarote”, he affirms. “We continue to be a mature destination and, logically, companies are betting on us.”


Right now Lanzarote is at 75% of the figures that were registered before the pandemic, but it is expected that in winter they will return or even exceed those amounts. “About 519 operations compared to the 590 in 2019. That is good, but we are in full recovery and, probably, this winter we will increase 25% with respect to the slots marked by the companies in 2019, so we would talk about figures even better than then ”.


Saturdays and Sundays are now the days with the highest traffic due to the strategy adopted by both Aena, which has rewarded the companies to occupy the valley days, and also the airlines that have distributed their arrivals.