The company will stop connecting the island with Madrid, Seville and Valencia in the afternoon and evening this coming season




The low cost airline Ryanair will modify its connections with Lanzarote in the face of the new season . From the last weekend of October, with the premiere of the new winter season, because the devices will stop doing usual night in Guacimeta,  will stop landing at the last minute the planes from Madrid, Santiago, Seville and Valencia.


To this circumstance it is necessary to add the addition that the programming will be outside the links that in this summer season allows to connect with the airports of Santander and Zaragoza , once a week and also with the landing at a little after midnight.


In the particular case of the links with Madrid, with ample demand, in the new programming are already offering places for flights all in the morning, at any time of the week . From Barajas departures are contemplated at 7.05 am and 9.25 am ; leaving flights from Lanzarote to the Spanish capital for dawn and shortly before noon, according to the data that Ryanair already offers on the Internet. For Saturdays, it is true that a variation is contemplated, with connections in both directions during mid-afternoon.



And there will be no major alterations in special dates, such as holidays or holiday festivities, although in these days it tends to increase the demand for places. Of course, in return at some specific date there will even be a third flight between Madrid and Lanzarote, as well as the trip in the opposite direction, as a reinforcement of the daily operations contemplated, also in the morning, serving as an example in this regard on January 2, 2019.


In the specific case of the unions between Guacimeta and Santiago de Compostela, it is expected that they will be operational on Wednesday and Sunday of all weeks of the future winter season, which will last until the end of March. In addition, there will be a reinforcement option on a Saturday. They will be flights in both directions in the morning, so that the departure from Galicia will disappear at 9:15 p.m., which currently exists.


As for the offer with Seville, it is expected to operate on the first day of the week, as well as in the third and fifth. And in all options, with schedules similar to those that will be handled with flights with G alicia.


As for Santander and Zaragoza, both links will cease to be made as of the end of October ; also discarding Ryanair to recover the links that until a few months ago were made with Barcelona. In this last case, the flights with Catalonia were taken away by the Vueling competition.