The company that has been supplying the service of cleaning and providing sunbeds, umbrellas and the lifeguards on the beaches of Puerto del Carmen (Servicios Canarios en Playas, Secapla) unfortunately removed the beds and umbrellas just before the weekend. They also suspended pgde

the lifeguards and cleaning services. They had previously informed the authorities that this action would be carried out today, 1st April.

The contract is alleged to have been gained by a “tender” and was not due to expire till 2017. It seems that although they should have, the company has failed to pay the required fees. When the Supreme Court announced that the company had to pay the “canon” they announced that they would remove the sunbeds and services on 1st April.

The Tias council is holding an extraordinary meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd April; to discuss what action needs to be taken.
The local authorities have hired staff to cover the needs of life guards in Matagorda, Los Pocillos and Puerto del Carmen as from today. They apologise to the tourists and residents who have suffered the consequences of this untimely problem.