This noon, at the Cabildo facilities, the Security and Emergency Consortium brought together all the municipalities of the island to update the situation of alerts for high temperatures.

At this meeting, it was agreed to suspend all outdoor activities that take place before six in the afternoon starting on Friday, due to the high temperatures.


Tomorrow Thursday the Yellow Alert will be decreed, while for the days of Friday and Saturday the Orange Alert will be decreed. In fact, Saturday will be the most intense day, with maximum temperatures exceeding 30º in all parts of the island, although higher heat peaks are expected on the southeastern slope. The nights of Friday and Saturday will also be tropical, with lows that will not drop below 22º.


Although precise data is not yet available, temperatures are expected to begin to drop gradually on Sunday, according to official sources.


In addition, an intense high altitude haze will have to be added that will darken the next few days on the island and worsen visibility.


All this will alter the normal development of life in Lanzarote and some of the scheduled events will be postponed to another date or will suffer delays in their schedule. An example of this is the Fiesta de la Chola, which was scheduled to start at 12 noon on Saturday; this could start later or be postponed to another date.