The mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancort , dropped his electoral intentions on Wednesday in the Interview of the Day. The mayor said that if the party leaves him will opt for the third and last time to the mayor and hinted at a possible jump to the Parliament of the Canary Islands .

“If you ask me what my political intention is, I say I can get to the Presidency of the Canary Islands Government, why not? I think it is praiseworthy that a person from Lanzarote can get there, as one from Tenerife or Gran Canaria has done. Therefore, my political ambition is always to grow and whoever says otherwise is lying, “he says.

“I am a party person but I know that I have my time, I would like to continue in Teguise if my party understands it that way , and if it also understands that Pedro should continue in the Cabildo, that he does, but I tell him that my political ambition is to grow, “he adds.

Betancort explains that “logically I would finish what I have to do in Teguise but I would not introduce myself anymore, and I tell the neighbors, it would be my last term in Teguise because I would not like to be four or five mandates. politics”.


It seems, then, that for now Betancort diverts his intentions from the Cabildo and points to the ‘doublet’, a common practice on the island such as the last cases of Dolores Corujo, Marci Acuña and until recently Gladys Acuña.