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4 Reasons Why You Will Love a Holiday in Lanzarote
Are you currently looking for somewhere to go on your next holiday, but can’t quite decide where? Maybe you are considering Lanzarote in the Canary Islands but need something extra to convince you. Here are four reasons why you will love a holiday in Lanzarote!
1. The amazing climate
It can be such a let-down to have multiple days of your holiday ruined by rainy miserable weather, especially if you’ve been longing to escape depressing grey skies. While warm sunny days may not guarantee a perfect holiday, they are certainly a huge incentive for most people when deciding on their next vacation destination.
On the other hand, while many places can boast a lot of sun, the temperatures can become unbearably hot. This means scurrying from one air-conditioned building or vehicle to another as quickly as possible.
Thankfully, Lanzarote is somewhere that offers a perfect balance for the entire year. Experts have stated that the Canary Islands have ‘the best climate in the world’ and for good reason! Lanzarote and the other islands in this beautiful archipelago boast year-round sunshine, warm (but not too hot) temperatures and little rainfall.
You will be able to wander around in shorts and a t-shirt on practically any day of the year, as the climate feels like the islands are in a state of ‘eternal springtime’.
There is an average annual temperature of 22 °C, barely any rain in summer and only around three days of rain a month in winter, and the most hours of sunlight per day of any region in Europe. Because of the Gulf Stream, the water temperature ranges from between 18 °C in February and 25 °C in August, perfect for a swim at any time of the year.
2. Stunning beaches
If you’re looking for somewhere to go for a relaxing time on a beautiful beach, then you will not be disappointed if you choose Lanzarote. You may even have difficulty choosing which to go to, as the island is blessed with an abundance of stunning beaches, dotted around many parts of its coastline. Not a bad decision to have to make we’re sure you’ll agree!
Most visitors to the island choose to stay in one of the three main resort towns: Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca, or Costa Teguise. These areas of the island were chosen specifically to build hotels and other amenities because of their selection of gorgeous golden sandy beaches.
These are great for people of all ages, including families with small children, as the waters are generally calm, making them perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The golden sand contrasted with the clear blue skies, sparkling blue ocean and vibrant colours of flowering plants and palm trees, makes for a truly idyllic setting for a beach holiday.
While these three parts of the island are the most popular with tourists, there are equally amazing beaches in other parts of the island. These are better known among the locals but are definitely worth heading to. If you are staying in Playa Blanca, located nearby on the Southern tip of the island is the Papagayo national park where there are a series of coves that can be reached by car or foot.
These coves shelter some lovely golden sandy beaches, with the most popular and beautiful being Papagayo Beach. Due to the shape of the cove, the water is calm like a swimming pool all day long, making it ideal for swimming and snorkelling. The perfectly shaped curve of the cove, combined with the golden sand and the emerald-coloured water, make this beach a must visit!
Other stand-out beaches include Playa de Famara in the North-West of the island, located between the La Caleta de Famara fishing village and the incredible Famara cliffs. This beach is very popular with surfers, bodyboarders, windsurfers and kite surfers, due to the constant winds and swell of waves.
Close to Orzola, the most Northerly town on the island, is located the gorgeous Playa Caleton Blanco with stunning white sands and crystal-clear waters. The volcanic rock has formed natural inlets which act like natural swimming pools, making it perfect for safe swimming for all ages.
Arrecife, the capital city, has one of the most picturesque beaches on the island, El Reducto. It is over half a kilometre of fine golden sandy beach protected by a natural reef. The waters are tranquil and safe for swimming and snorkelling. Alongside the beach is a lovely promenade with palm trees, cafes, bars, restaurants and shops, and several hotels. Arrecife is easy to reach from any of the three resort towns by bus or car.
3. Calm, Friendly and Tranquil Atmosphere
Much of modern life can feel like we are rushing from one task to another, with a never-ending to-do list. Although working from home has replaced the office for many of us, unfortunately, this has meant that we are constantly staring at screens. If you are looking for somewhere to get away from the stresses of modern life and disconnect, relax, and recharge, then Lanzarote is the ideal destination!
A holiday in Lanzarote offers the perfect opportunity to take a much-needed break from the screen and spend some quality time relaxing outdoors in the sun. Unlike much of the rest of Europe, especially in urban areas, you will rarely feel rushed in Lanzarote. Everything moves at a much gentler and more relaxed pace.
Although there are certain parts of the island that have a small selection of nightclubs and bars, the island is much more popular with families with smaller children and older tourists. Rather than groups in their late teens and twenties interested in partying and getting drunk, most people visiting come to get away from noise and stress.
The local population are generally very friendly, and you will often be greeted with a hello, good morning, or good evening, even in the capital Arrecife. This can seem surprising if you are travelling from London or other major cities where everyone seems afraid to speak or make eye contact with each other. Strolling around the streets of Arrecife and other urban areas is calm and pleasant.
4. The Island’s Unique Natural and Architectural Beauty
Lanzarote boasts striking natural landscapes and features, as well as architecture that fits in perfectly with the surroundings. This is a destination that is probably uniquely different from anywhere you have been before!
This includes the incredible Timanfaya National Park. Here you will see impressive, dried lava fields and many awesome volcanic craters. This part of the island can make you feel like you are on another planet and should definitely not be missed.
Most destinations popular with tourists, including Tenerife and Gran Canaria have unfortunately become overdeveloped. Due to the life-long dedication of famous local artist, sculptor, architect, and activist César Manrique, he was able to successfully persuade the authorities to restrict the worst excesses of mass tourism. Manrique also designed the majority of the most popular tourist attractions on the island which include the impressive Mirador del Río, Jameos del Agua and Jardín de Cactus.
This has left the island almost completely free from high-rise buildings and billboards, with most of the buildings painted white with either green or blue around the windows and doors. The architecture is striking, but in a good way and rather than sticking out like a sore thumb, it complements Lanzarote’s unique and incredible landscape.
We hope that these four reasons have helped to persuade you that Lanzarote is the place that you should choose for your next holiday!
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