The president of the Canary Islands will explain on Thursday the details of the bonuses of the current air fares in Canary Island airports

EFE President of the Canary Islands, Paulino Rivero, will meet on Thursday in the German capital with the CEO of Air Berlin, Joachim Hunold, who will present the competitive advantages offered by the archipelago today for airlines.

According to a statement from the Executive of the Canaries, Rivero will discuss the details of the bonuses of the current air fares in Canary Island airports following the agreement reached with the state government, which will allow the islands registered this year a very significant increase in the arrival of tourists.

This bonus is considered by the Executive of the Canaries as an important tool for economic revitalization of the archipelago, which can benefit all companies who want it.

The president also works for the consolidation of existing routes and increasing frequency, and the opening of new short-term routes.

Rivero will acknowledge that the airlines devising new routes to the islands will have a hundred percent bonus rates, as well as those that use the so-called valley days (least traffic) in Canary Island airports.

He will also explain that companies that increase flight frequencies may have a 50 percent reduction in rates.

During the meeting, Rivero will also discuss plans for the German company in the archipelago for the summer of this year and the winter season, and explain to Air Berlin the Canary Islands tax incentives for European firms in general and those related the airline industry in particular.