PCR is being carried out from the vehicles themselves and it replaces the space of the Doctor José Molina Orosa Hospital, this being a more accessible area

The president of the Cabildo, María Dolores Corujo, the Minister of Security and Emergencies, Francisco Javier Aparicio, and the Island Director of the Health Area, Noelia Umpiérrez, today visited the Covid-Auto that the Cabildo has enabled at the Arrecife Fairgrounds to perform PCR tests, replacing the covid-auto installed until last week at the Doctor José Molina Orosa Hospital.

The president of the Cabildo, María Dolores Corujo, stated that the Cabildo has conditioned the area to be able to carry out the activity with all the guarantees and thanked the Arrecife City Council for the willingness to sign a collaboration agreement “that allows us to make use of of these facilities with all the guarantees for as long as the health alert deems appropriate ”.

Specifically, four sample collection stations have been set up in the Fairgrounds where, according to health sources, it is expected that around 300 PCRs will be collected daily.

Likewise, a schedule has been established for those who have to undergo the PCR for being suspected of having Covid or close contacts of already diagnosed positives, and another for patients who, due to an upcoming surgical intervention, have to undergo the test , so that they do not match.

It was at the end of August when the Cabildo announced that it was going to enable this Covid-Auto after a meeting held with the heads of the Covid-19 Team and the Doctor José Molina Orosa General Hospital, where health officials raised the need to expand the space available to carry out PCR tests from vehicles. After evaluating different alternatives, the first institution opted for the Fairgrounds because it was an accessible area with free space.