A deadline is approaching for presenting a contra argument to the Repsol study for oil exploration off the coast of Lanzarote & Fuerteventura.

Attached below is a petition with space for 9 signatures, unfortunately this is only available in Spanish at the moment, we are expecting an English version to be ready in the next few days.

Please, if you want to continue to help with the fight against Repsol, can you download and print the document, then collect 9 signatures.

Once complete, the form needs to be handed in to the Cabildo before the 24th September, if you prefer the LBA are happy to collate these for presentation at the Cabildo.

Please contact us by email tolanzaroteba@gmail.com, or leave a message by telephone on 928 59 60 80 to arrange this.

Information provided by Ezequiel at the Cabildo de Lanzarote:

Document 1:

A simple two-sided A4 petition is to be prepared, which summarizes the most important contra- arguments and highlights the reasons for this project to be rejected. The idea is to widely distribute this petition using photocopies, the internet and any other source available which make the public become aware of the proposed oil exploration in the Canary Islands.  See attached the document –alegaciones ciudadanes– (Citizens awareness). Although, this document is designed especially for an individual, it can also be signed by groups and associations. The deadline for presenting this petition, to the relevant authorities, is September 24th. It is very important to stress to the administrators that this document must be recorded in the In-book, and a copy should be stamped and signed by the administrator at the time of presentation. There are no fees for doing this.

Document 2:

This petition is much more documented with scientific reports, legal arguments, economic, social and environmental consequences etc.

This document is still in the process of being drafted and it is estimated to be complete by Friday, 20th September.

Once revised and finalized,this document outlining our claims, will be given to numerous private and public institutions, each of which, will present an endorsement and add a document giving reasons why they reject the Repsol oil drilling Project.

The document will also be available for those who wish to present it as an individual petition, although its volume of content, is more suitable for institutions or groups.

It is important to note that:

Although the claims are directed at the government sub-delegation in Las Palmas (the address is at the top of the attached document) it can be presented in any public records office; councils, town Halls, Canary Government offices etc.

It is important for everyone to Collaborate by distributing information to citizens: writing press releases in order to gain support and request the collaboration for the distribution of information and petitions by sports clubs, unions, a Professional and non- governmental associations, groups of workers. This format allows each person is be responsible for getting nine signatures on the petition. In this way an individual person can register as a group. This, of course, is a basic citizenship claim, made in a simple document that strongly expresses that there is no place in the Canaries for an oil project.However, it is important to remember that each person or association can supplement these petitions with a supplementary written document. It is essential to achieve cooperation from everyone, in this phase, and that the claims we are making become a huge tool in increasing awareness. Being represented at various public events on different islands, different public demonstrations, television spots and social networks will help in stopping the proposed project.

From today the attached document will be available on the website of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, as well as its corresponding translation in other languages ??on a specific link.

For clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the office of global action, we are always available.

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