5 Reasons why you will love a winter trip to Lanzarote


If you are living in Europe, winter is closing in, and for most of us, things are starting to get a lot colder. This is especially true if you are from Northern European countries such as the U.K., Germany, and those in Scandinavia. Temperatures have already started dropping and are set to get much chillier, with warm summer days at the beach now seeming like a distant memory.


Now there is sleet, snow, and ice, freezing cold winds and hibernating at home on the horizon. It’s enough to make you want to hop on a plane to somewhere warmer which is totally understandable! You might not have realised that you don’t even have to leave Europe for some winter sun. Here are five reasons why you will love a winter trip to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands:


  1. The best climate in the world:


According to studies carried out by a number of climate experts, the Canary Islands have what some describe as the “best climate in the world”. There is an average temperature range of between 18ºC in the winter, and 24ºC in the summer. Furthermore, the climate is mild and comfortable all year round, like an eternal spring!


You are almost guaranteed sunny, blue skies throughout the entire year, and if you are from the UK where winter skies can be grey and miserable, you will know what a significant difference the sun can make to your mood.


Boasting over 3,000 hours of sunlight per year, the Canary Islands is one of the sunniest regions in Europe. Due to their geographic location, you will be able to enjoy long sunshine-filled days, including during the winter, when the sun rises at 7:30 am and sets at 6:30 pm. This is a huge contrast from the dark, chilly winter months in the UK and the rest of Northern Europe. Throughout the year there is also little rainfall, even in the winter. The incredible climate is one of the biggest reasons why you will love a winter trip to the Canary Islands!

  1. The revitalizing health benefits:

The revitalizing mental and physical health benefits of the wonderful climate in the Canary Islands have been known about since the time of the Greek empire. From the 17th Century onward expeditions led by explorers and naturalists, helped to contribute to the knowledge of the healing properties of visiting and living in the Canary Islands, and over time health tourism became popular.

The air is clean, the climate mild, there is sun almost every single day, and you can swim in the sea almost all year round. All these amazing factors contribute to a wonderful mood each day, as you wake and see the blue sky, gain vitamin D from the sun, and you can enjoy a far more active outdoor life. There are also distinct physical benefits too. With a more active, outdoor life possible you will feel fitter and healthier. In Lanzarote, there are a wide variety of outdoor activities you can enjoy during the winter, including swimming, running, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, cycling, and more!

The health benefits of staying in the Canary Islands are one of the reasons why holidaymakers love to return every single winter to soak up the winter sun and escape from the cold and gloom of much of the rest of Europe. We are sure that once you have taken a trip to the Lanzarote in the winter you will be eager to return the following year!

  1. Close and convenient access to Europe:

There are daily direct flights to Lanzarote from major airports across Europe including most of the large airports in the UK. The flight time from most European airports is also only around four hours which is worth it for some wonderful winter sun!

The flights can also be incredibly cheap if you use flight comparison websites such as Skyscanner. You can find return flights for cheaper prices than many train journeys within the UK! Because Lanzarote is a major tourist destination, it benefits significantly from budget airlines such as Ryanair, EasyJet and Vueling competing which keeps the cost of flights down.

  1. Low costs on your holiday:

Lanzarote provides amazing value for money while you are staying there, with almost all products and services costing less than back home. If you want to explore the island, then you should consider renting a car as you can get brilliant rental rates. Petrol is also cheaper and driving distances around the entire island are much less. Buses and taxis are cheap and walking and biking are also very convenient within the larger resorts. Considering the weather is still so wonderful in the winter, you will want to get out and explore the island, rather than hibernating inside.

Unlike other major tourist destinations across Europe, eating and drinking out is much better value, even in the capital city of Arrecife. You can go to almost any cafe and enjoy a cafe con leche (coffee with milk) for between one and a half and two euros. A pint of beer or glass of wine is generally no more than three euros.

You can enjoy an excellent quality meal out with a drink for 20 euros or less. Your money will stretch further and it is feasible to eat out more, rather than just special occasions, leading to a much more enjoyable winter holiday!

  1. Incredible locations:

Lanzarote is an incredible place to visit if you love beautiful beaches, wonderful volcanic/mountainous landscapes, stunning sunrises, and sunsets, and always being close to the beautiful blue Atlantic ocean. Along with the famous climate of the Canaries, the landscape and views are perfect for revitalizing, and if you want to you can really get away from all the stresses of modern life and totally disconnect.

A holiday in Lanzarote is so much more than just sun, sand and sea though, as you can go for amazing walks through its famous La Geria wine-growing region, stand on top of the incredible cliffs of Famara looking out to the neighbouring island of La Graciosa, go for a swim in hidden natural swimming pools, or wander through stunning volcanic landscapes, which feel like being on a different planet. Lanzarote has so many hidden surprises that even some of the locals don’t know about them, and there is so much for you to discover.

The only question left to ask is, have you booked your hotel and flights yet? Your amazing winter holiday in Lanzarote awaits! Please share this post on social media with friends and family considering a winter break in Lanzarote. If you choose Lanzarote this winter it will be one of the best holidays of your life.

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