The Lanzarote Business and Residents Association is dedicated in its aims to help provide a stable economy and a better future for Lanzarote and therefore we were delighted to be invited to attend the presentation of the new Cultural, Commercial and Social Project called “Vive Tinajo” which was held this morning at the Arrecife Gran Hotel.

The guest speaker was Daniel Lasso who is the owner of Lanzarote Natural; Daniel is a local entrepreneur who has turned his dream into a very successful company; Lanzarote Natural. Together with his wife, they have created a range of creams containing authentic local products including aloe, cactus, wine, goat’s milk, and high quality salt. They are now sold in Lanzarote and also in pharmacies in many cities throughout Spain as well as being exported to Germany, Italy, Portugal and France.

In addition, they are contributing to the local economy and providing a different kind of touristic product; environmentally friendly tours in which visitors get to know the “real” customs, values and traditions of Lanzarote.

Daniel Lasso has funded the first year of this project in which many other people and companies who strive for a better Tinajo have taken part.

One of these companies, Lanzarote App, will be fundamental for the promotion of Lanzarote. The project director briefly introduced us to the many excellent services and businesses and discussed and considered what would be the best marketing tool for the forthcoming years. The project has a special interest in working with European residents as they are considered an important part of the future of Lanzarote.