One of the most popular franchises in the textile world, Primark, will land in Lanzarote in the coming months. All the data indicates that it comes from the promoters of the new Arrecife Shopping Center, which is in its last phase of construction on the former plot of the now-defunct Garavilla canning company, on the northern exit of the capital.

Primark, an Irish company, dedicated to clothing and all kinds of accessories, prevailed throughout the world for its good value for money, being considered one of the most competitive franchises in the market with low-cost products.


This Irish franchise has stores in the main European capitals and in the Canary Islands. Primark is established in Tenerife with one store and two in Gran Canaria.

If the arrival of Primark in Lanzarote is finally confirmed, it would occupy a large part of the surface of one of the floors of the large Garavilla Shopping Center, an estimated 4,000 thousand meters of store space. Without a doubt, this franchise would become a great pole of attraction for the new Shopping Center that was scheduled to open to the public after the summer, possibly in November.

For days now, the rumor of the arrival of Primark in Lanzarote has spread like wildfire on social networks exponentially, which indicates the expectation generated by this type of franchise.

Many are of the opinion that the opening of the first real shopping center in Arrecife will serve to give an important boost to the center of the city, whose commercial activity has been dying for years. In fact, it is believed that the Garavilla Shopping Center (this will not be its name in the end) will be a pole of attraction for the capital of the island to begin to recover its lost commercial identity in the last 15 years.