This article will be featured in the Lanzarote Gazette October 2012 edition.

Lanzarote Property Owners is a project that has been undertaken by the Lanzarote Business Association. The project has been formed to help property owners on the island who are concerned about the illegal letting of properties.

Following articles in British and Foreign newspapers and a press release from the British Consul warning that property owners could face fines for renting their properties illegally property owners have become increasingly concerned.

Local estate agent Kevin Roper together with other property management companies decided that something had to be done to address this problem and approached the Lanzarote Business Association. Why the LBA?  The Lanzarote Business Association is the only organisation on the island that represents foreign individuals and businesses. The LBA is an established, well respected, non profit making association that has the connections and power to represent and oversee this project.  LBA president and founder Daniel Trigg has spent many years building those contacts and can now gain appointments and have doors opened very quickly. Lanzarote Property Owners has a separate commission that is headed by Kevin Roper.

The commission has had many successful meetings both in Lanzarote and in Gran Canaria and has already made great progress. The commission is determined to succeed in this project and whilst of course they are unable to guarantee that success, what they can guarantee is their commitment to the property owners who are part of the project. What the project needs is the support of all property owners and businesses on the island.

We have had a great deal of support from owners in particular from the

Puerto del Carmen area but we need more properties to be registered especially from Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise. In order to succeed we need to be able to show how many properties are involved in the holiday rental market.  To successfully represent properties we need numbers, putting forward a proposal to grant licences to an area with for example only 4 properties registered is absurd. That is why we need owners to register their properties.

Strength is in numbers and the authorities need to know just how strong we are. If you want to be able to legally rent your property and protect your investment then you need to join now. You cannot wait and see what happens in the future. We have to be able to prove how huge the private rental market is and that is why we need you to support the project.

The authorities have to recognise the importance of the role of residential tourism in the local economy.

With the continual increase of All Inclusive holidays, the independent traveller is vital to the survival of the island not only for property owners but for all businesses, shops, bars, restaurants and related services that depend on these visitors to create employment. It is important that business owners realise this and support property owners in this project. A number of businesses have recognised this and have joined but more are needed to ensure we get the full support of the Lanzarote community backing this project. It is the future of the island that we are fighting for and everyone needs to understand that.

The commission will continue to lobby on behalf of it members and its member’s investments. Everyone wants to be able to legally rent their property so unite with us and protect your investment. There is only a very small window of opportunity for us to be able to work on this project so the time to act is NOW.

Although this is a non profit making organisation, we need funds to support the project.  We will need to seek legal advice, technical opinions, employ administration staff and many other services. To join you first have to become an affiliated member of the Lanzarote Business Association at a cost of €10 per month and it is requested that you remain a member for a minimum of twelve months. Anyone wishing to pay in advance will receive a discount. Following this you can join the LPO at a cost of €30 per registered property per month.  It is anticipated that the time scale for this particular project will be 5 months and LPO members are required to commit for that initial 5 month period after which the situation will be reviewed.  Businesses can join at the LBA business rate plus the LPO rate if they wish to register a property.

To further information or to join email

Tel. 638 240 224 / 928 596 080