The boat arrived early Saturday morning at Matagorda beach with 20 people. Continue with the search tasks. / See the images



    The Local Police of Tias has rescued a fortnight of immigrants who were traveling in a boat found in the early hours of this Saturday in the beach of Matagorda, in Puerto del Carmen, after being alerted of the presence of the boat by a municipal worker who cleaned the beach at 06.15.



    The agents have located 15 people who came in this small boat, among them the four minors and a woman. The Local Police of Tías continues with the tasks of search and investigation at this time of the morning to locate other possible immigrants who traveled in the boat from the coast of Africa.


    The first data indicate that some 20 occupants were traveling to Lanzarote , according to those rescued.


    The mayor of Tías Pancho Hernández has advanced that the protocol has been activated to give help and assistance to the minors, as well as to all the localized occupants.



    The good weather situation in these last hours has prevented a human tragedy in the boat, as unfortunately there are already precedents on the coast of the island of Lanzarote.


    The authorities are concerned that this year there has been a rebound in immigration on the island compared to the last few years, which has been much lower.


    The Civil Guard has taken over the investigation. In addition, the humanitarian assistance team for immigrants from the Red Cross, the Civil Protection of Tías and the SUC (Canary Emergency Service) also participated in the operation to assist these immigrants.


    According to the NGO, immigrants were provided with blankets, clothing, food and sanitary care.